In NHL action tonight, the Columbus Blue Jackets are hosting the Los Angeles Kings. If you recall, the Blue Jackets’ ex-player and dissident-from-day-one Jeff Carter was recently traded to said Kings.

While the Blue Jackets have played at home since the trade, they decided to wait to offer this great promotion for a very special occasion – The Return of the King:

What a fine way to say to the fans “We’ve got your back, everyone who assumed he’d be in the lineup for the next decade” while simultaneously flipping the bird at a guy who never wanted any part of their organization.

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  1. “Our team sucks, our GM sucks, our ticket prices suck (because we should really *pay* you to see this crap), but our PR department might as well make a tiny bit of goodwill out of these $150-or-more polyester jerseys. (By the way, lucky you that we traded for a new #7 with some name recognition, eh?)”
    –What the CBJ are *really* saying.

  2. Good for the BJs. If Carter was going to run their franchise over, then why screw over the fans who paid up for his jersey, thinking he would be Nash’s centerman?

  3. Awesome. Simply Awesome.

    I love it when marketing departments have the balls to pull something like this.

  4. That should really hurt when Carter goes home and looks out at the beautiful California coastline outside his front door.

  5. Following the game, Carter will team with Edge to take on the Hardyz.

    Ye gods, has he always looked that much like Christian?

    • Funny… very funny. And yet, I feel a little insulted for Captain Charisma, as his celebrity twin is…how shall we say, a little lacking in that, and some other important qualities.

  6. “…while simultaneously flipping the bird at a guy who never wanted any part of their organization”.

    This goes without saying Bourne. Nobody actually “wants” to be there.

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