That’s a tough question.

Historically (we’ve been doing this for all of three months, Bourne), age has been a big factor in beerability. Older dudes simply have more stories to tell, more experience to pull from, and tend to give far less damns (especially if they’re retired). I can’t wait to be that age where I decide everyone but the people closest to me can get lost so I can turn into either Statler or Waldorf.

So, it’d be tough for Patrick Burke to surpass his barn-fighting, truculent father.

But consider his week:

He showed the type of character he has by spear-heading the You Can Play program in honour of his late brother Brendan, which aims to demonstrate to LBGT athletes that the hockey community is more than ready to support an openly gay athlete.

So y’know, he’s kind of a good guy.

The hockey world finally got to hear him speak too, which led to the realization that “Holy hell, he sounds exactly like his Dad.” That means if you’re out for beers with him, it’d be like having a gruff radio DJ tell you stories. Which is awesome.

Then he did an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit, which is exactly what it sounds like, in which he revealed himself to be boatloads of hilarious. He respectfully asked not to be quoted from there (it is sort of rapid-fire answering, which can be tough), but go check it out for yourself. He was, as it was described, hockey’s version of Louis CK.

He works in hockey as a scout for the Philadelphia Flyers, which means he has inside scoops on projects and plans for an NHL team. Maybe if you got good and loaded you could mine the guy for some insider info?

Any way you cut it, his beerability is through the roof. So back to our main question – does he have more beerability than his Dad, Brian Burke?




No he does not.

No offense to Patrick – he’s right up there, and I’m a big fan of his. But surpassing the big man is far from an easy chore.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like if I could sit down with anyone in hockey at a pub its gotta be Big Burke in a landslide. From his playing days to Anaheim to Vancouver and beyond, to his inability to put on a face other than his own, and the fact that he looks like he could put back a solid case in a few hours, I figure he’s just a wealth of unabashed awesome.


One other name we have to mention who increased their beerability this week is the man I wrote about yesterday, Marty Turco.

Any guy who’s willing to span the globe in search of a hockey team that’ll let him play has a passion for the sport that’s tough to match, and that’d make for some good pub discussions.

We’ve seen him on TV, so we know he’s a well-spoken guy, but he has to have his filter on in that setting. He can’t rip ex-teammates or current coaches or….anyone, for that matter. After all, he was still trying work his way back into the NHL. But bellied up at the bar he’d be free to let you in on whatever you felt like discussing.

Turco: Did you know Darryl Sydor has webbed feet?

Bourne: I DID NOT.

His career path has been crazy interesting, and him being unwilling to give up on it is worthy of a beerability bump in my books.


Last – and you can discuss this in the comment section - media. Who in the media has beerability?

I started to put my thoughts on that together and realized I’d piss off a lot of my media member buddies, and a list that reads T1 – EVERYONE! is a pretty short and disingenuous post.

So I’ll let you bat it around: who from print/TV/internet media do you see yourself having the most laughs and sharing the most stories with at a pub?

(s/t to @Majupra for the Patrick Burke suggestion)

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  1. Sean FitzGerald of the national post. He’s already great fun on twitter, we both went to Ryerson and he has lots of stuff that’s happened while covering the Leafs that he won’t tell me when I email and ask ;)

  2. Can the media beerability winner be anyone other than Don Cherry?

  3. From the media, you’ve got to give Bob McKenzie the top spot for beerability. I’d also like to grab a brew with Elliotte Friedman. Seems like a true fan of the game. Lastly, I’d like to grab a beer with Jeff Marek.

    • I had beers with Elliot Friedman and my buddy Jim Richards a couple of years ago.

      First off, Jim’s a class act and a great dude through and through.

      Elliot Friedman is a total d1ck. He is arrogant, hasn’t played a meaningful game of hockey in his life and was a total waste of time. Jim and I put back almost a dozen pints of guinness in that sitting and he was drinking red wine and wouldn’t engage at all.

      You want to have beer with someone that can play the game. This stupid twit isn’t a hockey guy, he’s a scribe. I’d love to have a few pints with Burkie. Pat Quinn was the other.

  4. #1 Don Cherry. He’s in first place by a mile. For all the same reasons you mentioned on a previous blog post and more. He’s just a genuine guy.

    #2 Kelly Hrudey. I think after a couple beers, he’ll take off that TV charm and tell you what he really thinks. Anyone who used to wear a head band ala Rambo underneath his helmet is hiding a wild side.

    #3 Sara Orlesky. Mostly because I think she’s hot.

    The zero-beerability list:

    1. Bob Cole – all he’d do is talk about the Maple Leafs. And he’d get their names wrong to boot.

    2. Glen Healy – he seems kinda arrogant and condescending to me.

  5. Ron MacLean, just for the Cherry stories.

    • MacLean is a great and hilarious guy! Served him a few times at the bar. Really down to earth and clever, but based on his order, minimal beerability, Maximum Cab-savability!

  6. Another vote for Bob McKenzie here. And I’d include Andy Brickley on the beerabiity list. Great color guy, played for several NHL (and AHL) teams, funny, smart guy.

  7. I like Buccigross for the ESPN perspective. It must be frustrating for him to a certain degree to not have the support for his favorite sport at his employer the way it was when he was hosting NHL2Night. I like the fact he is involved in the YouCanPlay project too.

    • Agreed on Buccigross, though by the time he mentioned his favorite band for the 10th time he might lose all beerability. My tolerance for music conversation is fairly low as everyone else is clearly wrong, and my opinion is superior. Clearly. Booze may affect that statement as well.

  8. After reading that Reddit AMA last night, I realized I have a little bit of a crush on Patrick Burke. Some of the things he said made me laugh out loud at my computer.

    I’d have to say PJ Stock (CBC) would have beerability…

  9. The conversation for beerability starts and ends with Kelly Chase.

  10. Umm no question… Don Taylor. Many times over.

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