See the elbow... be the elbow...

It’s been a while since I got to write about a controversial hit so I’d like to thank the Washington Capitals for really picking up the slack here and internalizing the teachings of their head coach, Dale Hunter. This of course is about to turn into a predominantly sassy line of reasoning aimed at reminding everyone that Hunter played very much on the edge during his career and was known to cross it.

Tonight, Mike Green made a very Dale Hunter type play with a hit along the end boards directed at Brett Connolly. With Connolly tied up by Dmitry Orlov of the Caps, Green came in and caught Connolly with his head down and pressed against the boards.

In my opinion the play on Green’s part was definitely classifiable under the “predatory” heading and it was completely unnecessary to the play. Given Green’s lack of suspension history (once in the last three seasons) I highly doubt that he gets dinged here. I’m assuming he’ll get off with a fine but that doesn’t necessarily mean he deserves only that.

Take a look at the hit.

What do you guys think? Dirty? Suspendable? Clean? Let us know.

UPDATE: Per Bob McKenzie, Green has a hearing on Friday and is while he is not technically considered a repeat offender for his hit on Michael Frolik two seasons ago, it may play a factor in his hearing. We shall see…

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  1. dirty hit, no doubt. Your analysis is right on the money though. He won’t get suspended this time because he isn’t a headhunter and he just misjudged this. Connolly was already more than tied up and Green lined him up while he was helpless.

    • Connely had his head down looking at the puck. Green came over to help out his partner. It looked like Green’s elbow made contact with Connely’s head but Connely was leaning forward so his head was at elbow height. It was an aggressive hit but not malicious. The contact was however to the head and the well known NHL initiative to curb head shots should be taken into consideration here. Because he’s not a repeat offender, I’d say the hit is worthy of a $2500.00 fine as Green did not try to avoid Connely’s head with the hit. I wouldn’t suspend because he is not a repeat offender and it didn’t appear to be malicious, he simply finished a check on a player in a vulnerable position.

  2. Absolutely unnecessary! Definitely deserves to miss a game or two just for the recklessness and irresponsibility of the play.

  3. Boy, I sure hope that is the the type of hit the NHL wants to “take out of the game”.

  4. Unnecessary and predatory, with or without intent. Don’t forget that in the rulebook the only excuse is that the player puts himself in a vulnerable position “immediately prior or during” the course of the hit. Connolly wasn’t going anywhere, Green could’ve pinned him or bumped him.

    Sad, really, given how much time Green has missed with concussions. You’d think he’d know better.

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