If you ask some of my friends and family they will tell you that I am always a little late when it comes to fads and trends. I’m always the last guy to see that great new movie, I made my first Jeremy Lin pun right about the point when everyone got sick of them, and my brother is embarrassed to be seen with me because I have the nerve to use an Iphone that isn’t the 4S (by the way, is The Wire a good show?) . This post is no different. Yesterday I was sitting at my computer laughing at some of those “Shit people say” videos. There are the classics like Shit Girls Say and Shit Nobody Says and for my fellow Italians you need to check out Shit Nonnas Say. Then I started watching some of the hockey themed ones like Shit Leaf Fans say (this one hit home because it was basically everyone I grew up around) and Shit Canucks Fans Don’t Say was another funny one. There were not too many generic hockey ones though (at least not ones that were well done), so I thought I would throw my hat into the ring. Now I am far too busy (ok, lazy) to actually make the video, but I did come up with the following list and if you want to grab a camera and make it, be my guest. Without further adieu here is my list of….

Shit Hockey fans don’t say

  • I miss Colin Campbell
  • Wouldn’t it be cool if we could party with Gary Bettman?
  • Mario gets a statue? Hello, what about Rob Brown?
  • Ilya Bryzgalov makes perfect sense when he talks
  • Brian Burke is a sharp dresser
  • We should really salute what the Red Wings have accomplished all these years
  • I’m really interested in what happens in the Coyotes ownership situation
  • I bet Henrik Lundqvist never gets laid
  • I bet Paul Bissonette never gets laid
  • I bet Mike Ricci gets laid ALL the time
  • I can’t believe how quickly Leafs fans got over the Gretzky high stick
  • I heard this totally realistic trade idea from a caller on the radio
  • Montreal fans don’t talk about their 24 cups enough
  • What do you think Team Canada’s chances are in the Spengler Cup?
  • HBO 24-7 should really do a KHL version
  • Rick Dipietro is the Cal Ripkin Jr of hockey
  • The glow puck was a damn good idea
  • How is Alexander Ovechkin NOT a model?
  • I think John Tortorella would make a great kindergarten teacher
  • The trade deadline was yesterday? I totally forgot
  • Kronwall obviously laid up on that hit
  • I’ve made so much money this year betting on Columbus
  • The Sens haven’t had a pure goal scorer since Alexandre Daigle
  • Dude, did you get your Frozen Four bracket in? First game is in a few minutes.

If you have some more, comment or tweet me


Let’s head to the links

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Katie Baker of Grantland looks at how GM’s are dealing with advanced stats.

So Dale Hunter got a little pissed at intermission last night (Puck Daddy)

So just how long will it be before we see an open gay player in the NHL? (The Sporting News)

Second City Hockey talks about what step Jonathan Toews recovery is on.

The Bruins released a picture of their St Patty’s Day jersey, and Days of Y’Orr has some advice for them.

Score Nation jumps in the time machine to take a look at the 2008 draft.

Ilya Kovalchuk made it rain last night (In Lou we trust)

Looks like the Red Wings are healing up (Red Wings)

We know the Jets have played well at home, but on the road….(Winnipeg Whiteout)

and it looks like Shanaban has work to do

Comments (10)

  1. “HBO 24-7 should really do a KHL version”

    I hadn’t thought about this but sweet monkey Jesus this needs to happen; it would be a thing of terrible beauty.

  2. “The glow puck was a damn good idea”

    Actually it was a damn good idea, it just wasn’t used correctly. Imagine how helpful it would be for video review?

    Did the puck cross the line while under the goalie? Well if it glows through him it should be pretty easy to find out. I’d assume it’s something that can be turned on and off during a replay as well, so some angles (like directly above the net) it would help, while others it might not, depending on the situation.

  3. “I met the coolest fans from Buffalo at the game tonight.”

    I miss Colin Campbell, but that’s just because I named my son that and am at work right now. Only here in NC we pronounce it as it was meant to be said, not after your intestines.

  4. •”HBO 24-7 should really do a KHL version”
    Nobody says it, but we sure would watch it – and it would be a hundred times more entertaining than the NHL version.

    -”Are we sure forward passing is such a good idea?”

  5. ” I love when teams trap!”

    “Predators vs Stars, gunna be a good one!”

    “Hitting is just too boring.”

  6. It’s pronounced iPhone.

  7. “Turn on the basketball game. Lebron’s playing”

    “Sean Avery is a class-act and a model!”

    “Chris Phillips was the best 1st overall pick”

  8. “When is Florida gonna get a bid for the out-door game.”
    “I heard Yzerman is gonna sign Roloson for another year.”
    “Alex Tanguay has the best body in hockey.”

  9. “The puck over glass delay of game rule is so necessary”

  10. Jordin Tootoo secretly trains UFC.

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