So pretty

Screwing up a national anthem is pretty embarrassing business. Not only are you singing a song, you’re singing it in front of thousands of people AND you’re doing it wrong. Not to mention in the 21st Century you are immediately posted to the internet for years of ridicule and appearances on top 10 lists.

This is one of those posts.

You were all here a little earlier this week when the Buffalo Sabres were privy to their anthem singer botching the Canadian anthem in odd fashion before their game against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Missed that? REALLY? Ok, you win, here it is.

What we learned on Saturday is that this may actually be a Buffalo problem as they traveled to Ottawa to take on the Senators. Lo and behold when it came time for the French portion of Canada’s favorite song our lovely lady behind the mic not only forgot the words, but opted for that awkward humming noise you make when you want to sing a song but kinda forget the words and still want to hold the rhythm most likely while inebriated. Luckily the fans bailed her out.

Don’t know what I mean? Here’s what I mean.

After you collect yourselves and get back off the floor and on to your chairs, which one of these is worse?

Additionally, what’s the worst anthem screw up you’ve ever heard?

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