Spitting is also different here

I’m a big fan of marketing departments because they think of really fun and different ways to promote whatever they are marketing… in theory. The New Jersey Devils have opted to enlist their braintrust for a new way of bringing fans to the rink seeing as how they are below the Florida Panthers on the NHL attendance list.

It remains to be seen whether or not this will be successful given that the video I’m about to show you has been on YouTube for… a day… and I can only assume that they are taking a run at the “so bad it’s ridiculous” market in an effort to get people out there.

Seeing as how the Devils are actually really good, let’s get this going viral so people actually go see them play. Seriously, it could. It’s really, REALLY bad.

Two questions:
1) What? (that’s it.)
2) What’s the worst hockey related ad you’ve ever seen?