Who do they think he is? Ron Wilson?

It’s a fun year to be Pierre Gauthier no? Not only has his team been a total disaster on the ice, he has fired a scapegoat (Perry Pearn), fired a head coach (Jacques Martin), traded his top winger (Mike Cammalleri) and dealt with general downers in injuries to Brian Gionta, Andrei Markov (NO WAY, MARKOV HURT?!), and the stellar play of Scott Gomez (couldn’t do that with a straight face).

Given that he’s not the most personable guy you’ve ever seen, it goes without saying that when Gauthier explains what just happened/is happening to the press and fans, it doesn’t always go over too well. That coupled with how reasonable the Montreal media at large is, something I’m sure Jose Theodore and his family will attest to, it makes for a great cocktail of family entertainment for hockey fans every where.

Unfortunately for him, Pierre Gauthier decided to duck the Montreal press regarding the return of Andrei Markov tonight and told the Habs’ Hamilton Bulldog radio affiliate instead. It got especially confusing since most outlets began reporting that Markov was simply “on the roster” and not necessarily playing. Luckily for us, the folks in beautiful, breezy Hamilton heard the news first and passed it along.

This obviously sat well with the aforementioned Montreal media.


While obviously sour grapes ought to be taken with a grain of salt – Gauthier, even with his apparent lackluster wisdom, has reason to dislike the media in Quebec – an appropriate point is being made here. Why are these outlets forking over millions of dollars to get no access to the team’s general manager when what may be the biggest announcement of the season is being passed along?

$25 Million is a fair chunk of change and under those financial circumstances the general manager of a team probably does owe the media at least an official statement.

Something is rotten in La Belle Province.

Do you think GMs owe beat writers/team broadcasters first access to information? In this case, the Bulldogs team scooped guys who travel with the team.

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  1. Generally I do think that the official broadcaster should be the one contacted…but with Montreal, I dunno. I’m a Habs fan, so I love how much there is to read about the team. On the other hand the majority of the Montreal media is beyond vicious. I don’t expect, or even want, them to blindly support the team…but there’s a vast middle ground that most of them don’t seem to think exists, let alone one they would consider if they knew it did.

  2. A lot of what you write may be true but any sort of research will show that Cammalleri was by no means their top winger. Most expensive maybe but not top.

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