You may have heard of this Zdeno Chara fellow. He’s an all-world defenceman, he’s really big and makes people hurt. Marcus Johansson couldn’t be further from being Chara. For one thing he’s a forward, and he’s a finesse player who doesn’t make people hurt.

Today he got hurt – not injured, don’t worry – by Zdeno Chara.

Breaking a sheet of glass at a hockey rink in half is no easy feat. They’re pretty dense and are meant to flex with the impact. Even when you hit them with people or pucks they don’t break easily. The reason people catch these moments with cameras is because they are so unusual.

Watch Chara use Johansson to break a sheet of glass. Right. Down. The middle.

What’s your favorite glass shattering hit?

My personal favorite is Milan Lucic using Mike Van Ryn in shattering fashion.

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