To steal a phrase from Ilya Bryzgalov….I have great news, and even better news. The great news is that I was not on the podcast today. The better news is that gives it a chance to be good.

theScore’s own Jake Thompson jumped in to take my place for the day, and did a great job. Pizzo talked with him about…

* The Penguins win streak

* What team would suffer most if they lost their starting goalie

* The grossness that is the Southeast Division

* Jackie Redmond joined the guys for her Monday segment

* Power rankings

* Shootout moves (Giroux’s vs. Kane’s)

* And much more

Listen to it here,

Download it here, subscribe on iTunes here.

Comments (3)

  1. I know the Southeast is the worst, but there’s a few things to consider that I think many don’t…

    Atlantic – 418 pts
    Central – 408 pts
    Pacific – 378 pts
    Northwest – 371 pts
    Northeast – 368 pts
    Southeast – 361 pts

    Just 7 points, among 5 teams, behind the Northeast and only 10 pts behind the Northwest. I should point out this might support my belief that Canadian teams are at a disadvantage with the salary cap system – a player wanting, say, 5.5mil in the US would want at least 6mil in Canada (state/province dependant), meaning that the cap is essentially lower for Canadian teams.

    (average American team has 77.9pts, average Canadian team has 73.3pts. Winnipeg not included in either because most of their contracts would have been signed while in Atlanta, but not all).

    Further in support of the Southeast, each division’s last 10 games added up:
    Central – 30-17-3 – 63pts
    Atlantic – 29-16-5 – 63pts
    Southeast – 25-15-10 – 60pts
    Pacific – 25-20-5 – 55pts
    Northwest – 22-11-7 – 51pts
    Northeast – 21-24-5 – 47pts

    Obviously the Northeast is at the bottom here because of Toronto (1-7-2) and Montreal (3-7-0), the two worst teams in the league in their last 10 games. But hey, Southeast hasn’t been too bad their last 10.

    Point is: Yes, the southeast is weak. But really there’s only 2 strong divisions, and 4 weak ones. Half of the playoff teams will come from 2 divisions, while the other 4 currently only have 2 teams each (though Calgary is on the bubble with 2 pacific teams and 1 northwest team close behind)

  2. Oh Justin. So self-deprecating. We love you.

  3. I like this Jake guy. Can we keep him?

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