It seems like every season, every sport has one. It’s the division that looks so bad that it actually makes your stomach turn and this year’s honour belongs to the disgusting southeast.  There are so many things wrong with this division that it deserved its own post. Now I’m going to warn you, the following contains descriptions that some may find…well…disgusting. However they are true indications of how this division has made me feel this season.

#1 The entire division has just 2 players in the top 30 in scoring

Everyone in the southeast should thank Steven Stamkos for raising the curve with his 82 points, which puts him second in the NHL. Next in line is Eric Staal’s 59 points, all the way down in 26th.

Puke Level: Not a full vomit, but this

#2 There are four teams below the Panthers in the standings that have more points than they do.

You have heard me complain about the “division winner gets a top three” seed rule before, but that was because it’s usually unfair to one (maybe two) teams. This year is an ugly exception. Since the NHL went to this format, this has only happened twice. Funny enough, both times it was done by the Carolina Hurricanes. In 2002 four teams below them had more points, in 1999…5 teams!

Puke Level: Barf-o-rama
#3 Of the 10 worst defenses in the NHL, 4 of them are from the Southeast.

Those four teams allow 2.75 goals per game or more to sit in the bottom third of the league. The only exception is the division leading Panthers is sit ALL the wall up in…17th.
Puke Level: This seems about right

#4 If each division gave away a Vezina trophy, the Southeast would probably go to Tomas Vokoun

His 2.51 GAA puts him 29th in the NHL in that department and his save percentage is 19th (among goalies with significant amount of starts) , and numbers wise, that’s the best of the bunch!

Puke Level: Stupidest thing any of us had ever done

#5 Every team in the division has a negative goal differential number

This is the ugliest of them all and here is why: one of these teams WILL be in the playoffs. If everyone stays at a minus (which is a very real possibility seeing as the leader in that department is minus 9) , it will be the first time in a while that this has happened. The last team to win a division with less goals scored than against was the Detroit Red Wings all the way back in 1988-89.

Puke Level: The king of them all


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