The man just keeps doing it. Last night Teemu Selanne scored his 22nd goal of the season, but more importantly the 1399th point of his career to make him the highest scoring Finnish player in NHL history (passing Jari Kurri) . This is less than a month after he passed Brenden Shanahan to move into 12th on the all time goals list. What has always impressed me the most about Selanne isn’t the fact that he has played so long in this league, it’s that he is STILL a relevant player. He leads the Ducks in scoring and sits 26th in the league in that department…and he is 41! Sometimes we hear numbers like 41…or 1992…and we really don’t fully grasp just how long Selanne has been a great player in this league.

So what way can we fully understand that? With pop culture references of course.

1) When Teemu Selanne was drafted: Die Hard was the highest grossing action movie of the year.

Yup, while the Jets were selecting Selanne with the 10th overall pick, John McClane was single handedly stopping a group of terrorists led by Hans Gruber at the Nakatomi towers. Since then the series has spawned 3 sequels (with one more in production). Selanne would use a gun like McClane, but not just yet.

2) When Teemu Selanne scored his first NHL Goal: It was the same day that Mortal Kombat was released in arcades .

Just as Selanne was starting his journey in the NHL, so was Liu Kang. However I think Selanne was more like Sub-Zero because they both used ice, and  would be ripping the heads off goaltenders for years to come.

3) When Teemu Selanne was shooting his glove after breaking Mike Bossy’s rookie goal scoring record:  MTV was breaking the mold with the debut of Beavis and Butthead.

I honestly hated that show but you couldn’t argue with its popularity. It did run for 5 years and was revised in 2011. This still might be the greatest goal celebration in NHL history.

4) When Teemu Selanne was accepting his Calder trophy award: Prince was 10 days into his name change.

Selanne was gaining his reputation as the “Finnish Flash” after scoring a mind boggling 76 goals in his rookie season, Prince changed his name to some stupid symbol. Because you couldn’t actually pronounce said symbol, people just called him The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.

5) When Teemu Selanne was traded to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks:  Showgirls was just released on video (young teenage boys in Anaheim have two reasons to rejoice)

Imagine being a 13 year old boy who happens to be a hockey fan in Anaheim. You just got one of the elite scorers in the league and when your parents are not home, you can see Jessie Spano naked. Life never was better.

6) When Teemu Selanne was lifting the Stanley Cup: Bob Barker was a few days away from hosting his last Price is Right.

Teemu…..looooook what we have for you behind that curtain…….THE STANLEY CUP!

Who knew all it took was John McClane, Sub-Zero, Beavis and Butthead, The Artist formerly known as Prince, Jessie Spano and Bob Barker to really put Selanne’s career in perspective!


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