We’re back! We missed a couple weeks in a row there with the trade deadline and a few other unacceptable excuses, so we apologize for that. For those of you unfamiliar with these videos, 5-on-5 is our weekly conversation where we touch on five topics in under five minutes.

Today Mr. Pizzo and I discussed whether Crosby’s return makes the Pens the best team in the East, if hybrid icing is a good idea or not, Brian Burke’s tie, and whether you like the three-point system that some people have proposed as a way to clarify the NHL standings.

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  1. On hybrid icing: Instead of blowing the play dead, why don’t they use a field lacrosse-style rule?

    In field lacrosse,if someone takes a shot that misses the net, the refs decide who is closest to the point the ball went out of bounds (there’s about 20 yards of space behind the net). You often see a “race” toward the ball when a shot is taken.

    Why don’t they use this “race” in the NHL? Say, first guy to the goal line? If the defender gets there first, the play is called icing. If the forward on the other team gets there first, play continues. It gives guys a chance to stop before the boards, and more importantly, it gets rid of the sticks poking for the puck that seem to lead to all the lost footing and smashy smashy.

    All the benefits (we still have races) but none of the drawbacks (no broken femurs).

  2. id also like the record to show that field lacrosse in general sucks, BOX LAX 4 LIFE and all that

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