I have no witty caption for this.

If you were like me 24 hours ago you were searching to high heaven for additional insights that will help push your March Madness bracket over the top. Obviously it’s one thing if you’re actually a college basketball fan (I am) but it’s another if you just watch casually and do it for kicks/to win money from your friends (I do both).

Alexander Ovechkin is the latest to have a bracket come out publicly courtesy of Joel Ward’s Twitter account, and it is truly the Connect Four of brackets as far as I can tell.

Wondering who Ovie likes? He has Kentucky beating Alabama in the Championship game.

If he gets it right I can only hope his parents put that up on their fridge with a big gold star! Unfortunately for him, he’s only the second most famous guy to fill out a bracket in Washington…

Which NHLer do you think would put together the best bracket for March Madness?