There aren’t too many players in the NHL that would get this much attention for a second comeback from injury than Sidney Crosby. I’m not saying that it’s not deserving, he is after all the game’s best player and he has played a grand total of eight games this season. Will Part 2 of ‘Sid Returns’ be remembered with other great sequels like Terminator 2, the Dark Knight, or The Godfather 2? Or are we looking at the next Speed 2 Cruise Control? We can’t really be sure, but when a sequel comes out we usually look back at the first installment right?

Sid’s first comeback: Played at home against the last place Islanders.

Sid’s second comeback: Playing on the road against the first place Rangers.

The first comeback seemed strategic; give him the best possible situation to succeed. At home, against a struggling team that he has scored more points against than any other team in hockey. Seemed simple enough, but this time around it may be a lot tougher. Not only is he facing one of the best teams in the NHL this season, but they have a top 3 defense, and play in one of the most famous buildings in sports. I don’t think there will be too many “welcome back Sid” signs in the crowd at MSG tonight.

Sid’s first comeback: Shooting on Anders Nilsson (I’ll tell you who the hell he is in a minute).

Sid’s second comeback: Shooting on Henrik Lundqvist (probably).

Most goalies are pretty excited when they get to make their first start in the NHL, poor Anders Nilsson had to do it in Sid’s return (goes back to that whole “put him in a position to succeed” thing I was talking about earlier). Sid lit him up for 4 points, welcome to the NHL kid. Lundqvist missed his last start with the flu, but is listed as probable for tonight. Not only is he the leading candidate right now for the Vezina, but is also in many people’s Hart Trophy discussion (including mine) . I have a feeling there is nothing he would love more than to leave Sid off the score sheet.

Sid’s first comeback: The leading scorer in the NHL was Phil Kessel.

Sid’s second comeback: Evgeni Malkin and Steven Stamkos are tied atop the scoring race.

After Sid’s four point return, one of the first questions asked to head coach Dan Bylsma was if Crosby had any chance of winning the scoring race; ridiculous for anyone else but for Sid it was a real possibility. Of course that can’t happen now (wait a minute…7 points per game, 14 games left would give him 98 points. If he is on the ice for every powerplay and…ok I’ll stop) .  It does seem a bit unfair that the team with one of the two leading scorers in hockey is about to get the best player in the game back on their roster. By the way, Kessel’s team may not be winning, but he is still 5th in league scoring.

Sid’s first comeback: The Pens were struggling losing 3 of their last 4.

Sid’s second comeback: The Pens have won 9 in a row.

This is like getting promoted to President of your company, getting all the perks that come with it, then realizing that the lottery ticket that you forget about in your wallet actually won the jackpot.  Congrats Pittsburgh, you are now a very real Stanley Cup favourite.

Sid’s first comeback: We cringed every time anyone went near him.

Sid’s second comeback: We will cringe every time anyone goes near him.

Some things always find their way into the sequel!


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