Did you hear? Sidney Crosby is playing tonight! I had no idea! Hardly anyone has talked about it… Ok, couldn’t do that with a straight face.

Seriously, if my eyes happen upon one more ‘Sid Cam’ I’ll probably be thrown in jail for stalking. Things haven’t gotten this weird on the internet since one particular basketball superstar opened up his soul for all of us.

At any rate, ‘Sid Watch 2012′ has hit its fever pitch tonight as he is very much in the lineup tonight – my looking up at the TV screen in front of me here in theScore newsroom confirms this – and the NHL can hardly contain itself with its excitement. Seriously, it’s running out of space on the website.

(Red means Sid-related)

Stupid other stories have to go ahead and be relevant and take up space like that. There’s plenty of additional room for Sid, it’s clowns like the St. Louis Blues and Calder Trophy and Alex Radulov taking up space and whatnot. Seeing as how he just picked up a point, they’ll need the room.

Has this March Madness (see what I did there?) driven you insane? (double pun!)