Which, incidentally, is people like you.

I missed this a little over a week ago when Deadspin shared it (via Jalopnik), so I felt the need to pass it along in case I wasn’t the only one. It’s too good to miss.

Here’s video of a Zamboni bombing down the highway, followed by the explanation:

That, which appears to be a Zamboni, is actually a crazy-customed-out 1984 Chevy pick-up with room for up to 12 people in it’s seating area. So it’s totally street legal, and just happens to look awesome. To quote Veruca Salt, “But I want it nowwwwww.”

If you live in Minneapolis you can rent it out, which makes me jealous of every Best Man in the city who’s contemplating renting a vehicle to get the bachelor party around in.

So if you’re out there, folks in Minny, just call 612-408-3212, or check out “coldrod.com” (get it? Instead of “hotrod?” Yeahhhhh.)


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  1. I just called to try and rent it and it looks like they have this up for sale…I think The Score needs to think about purchasing it for their next promotional vehicle!

  2. Nice!

    But my real question is, how is the driver filming and driving at the same time?

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