Which, incidentally, is people like you.

I missed this a little over a week ago when Deadspin shared it (via Jalopnik), so I felt the need to pass it along in case I wasn’t the only one. It’s too good to miss.

Here’s video of a Zamboni bombing down the highway, followed by the explanation:

That, which appears to be a Zamboni, is actually a crazy-customed-out 1984 Chevy pick-up with room for up to 12 people in it’s seating area. So it’s totally street legal, and just happens to look awesome. To quote Veruca Salt, “But I want it nowwwwww.”

If you live in Minneapolis you can rent it out, which makes me jealous of every Best Man in the city who’s contemplating renting a vehicle to get the bachelor party around in.

So if you’re out there, folks in Minny, just call 612-408-3212, or check out “coldrod.com” (get it? Instead of “hotrod?” Yeahhhhh.)