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Happy day-before-St.Paddy’s Day!

Being that it’s Beerability Friday, it seemed like the right day to discuss which NHLers would make our All-Irish Beerability Team, and our All-Ginger Beerability Team.

On top of that, we talked about….

* Sidney Crosby returns part two – how’d he look?

* Sid’s “Part Two” was comparable to the sequel of what movie?

* Kris Letang also returned, is apparently also good at hockey

* The Bruins are steee-rugglin’ right now. Whyzzat?

* No games in Europe next year, hurray!

* Four divisions are still up in the air

* And as always… much more.

You can listen to it here:

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  1. Trust me Pizzo, the majority of Pens fans feel the same way you do about Paul Steigerwald.

  2. I’m taking a stab at the “I’ve seen that fish before” comment. I would assume he means that Crosby being in on a goal is something he’s seen before, maybe a fishing reference that he’s pulling out of his a$$.

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