Yeah... that's definitely not in.

It has been one of those years for the Carolina Hurricanes. Just 12 months after coming oh, so close to the playoffs last season, they thought with a couple tweaks here and there and their elite goaltender they could slide right into the postseason and try and make their first run since 2009. Absolutely nothing has gone to plan since day one of this season.

History was definitely on their side as the ‘Canes seem to make a run every three seasons for the last decade or so. Seriously.

They lost in the Cup Finals in 2002, they won a Cup in 2006 (three seasons later, remember the lockout) and they lost in the conference final in 2009. All things being equal, this team should have made a deep run into the postseason on the basis of habit alone.

As things stand, the only teams less likely than Carolina to make the playoffs in the East are Montreal and the New York Islanders. Let’s not forget they’ve also set some less than stellar marks along the way which have come up, and it looks as though we may have to wait another year for our occasional dash of Carolina late in the playoffs.

Tim Brent pretty much summed up the Hurricanes’ season with this breakaway goal-er-celebration, after a glorious chance.

Let the record show that I am actually a big Tim Brent fan dating back to his time as the captain of the St. Mike’s Majors in the OHL. I’m sorry that this (fairly) comical event happened to him, so here’s a link to a video of a famous Tim Brent triumph which, ironically enough, came AGAINST Carolina.

If the link doesn’t work it’s not broken, Tim Brent just blocked you from watching it. (See what I did there?)

Do you think that the Hurricanes can make the playoffs next year after such a dismal season?