I don't think he celebrated this one

It’s no secret that Erik Karlsson is having one hell of a year offensively. This blog’s venerable editor, Mr. Justin Bourne, has previously explored the merits of Karlsson’s year in the grand scheme of awards consideration. With points in his last three games he was looking to extend his streak against the Leafs on Saturday.

He didn’t do it the way he wanted to though, as he shows us all a bit of an odd way to score on your own net.

Essentially what happened here is Karlsson takes the puck behind his net after Ben Bishop leaves him the puck. Karlsson is forced to play it quickly with Tim Connolly on the forecheck. The result of the play is a puck in Ottawa’s net.

Take a look.

Obviously this play isn’t strictly Karlsson’s for Bishop’s fault but it’s still a tough go ahead goal to give up. With the Sens looking to lock down a playoff spot, they need to bury teams like Toronto down the stretch.

Do you think the Senators can reel in Boston and capture the Northeast division?