Oh, hai

There was big news today in St. Louis in addition to the Blues’ success this season as highly touted prospect Jaden Schwartz was slated to make his debut with the team against Tampa. Schwartz, as many of you will recall, was the captain of this year’s Canadian World Juniors team.

Despite the obvious skepticism that comes with a teenager’s debut in the NHL, Schwartz made an impression right away as he scored his goal on his first career shot in the first period of his first game. Not too shabby.

His name also gives me the opportunity to reference Spaceballs in the title which is awesome for all.

Take a look at the goal.

It’s not exactly the most beautiful goal you’ll ever see, but it’s encouraging to see a kid in his first game driving to the net hard and picking up a dirty goal around the crease when it’s much more natural to hang around and wait for the puck to find you.

This also must be a pretty special moment for the Schwartz family as a whole given what they have been put through over the last year or so after Jaden’s older sister Mandi Schwartz died after a lengthy battle with Leukemia.

Good on ya, Jaden.

Do you think Schwartz can stick with the loaded big club? Or does he still need time before he can be a full-time pro?

Update: Schwartz’s goal held up as the game winner for St. Louis who are now the first team to hit 100 points and clinch a playoff spot. It gets better and better for the kid.

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  1. He’s staying with the Big Club, he can’t join Peoria for their playoff run, and they’re buring a year of his ELC, so they’re going to playing him every game from here on out.

    Especially considering the Blues have 3 of their top 6 forwards hurt/out:
    Backes he took a nasty shot off his foot, and left that game in the 2nd.
    Steen he’s been out for plenty of games with a Concussion
    McDonald took a dirty hit from Ruuto and is out with a Shoulder injury

    Then you D’Agostini who’s out with a concussion he’s a 3rd line guy.

    Plus Arnott who’s 3rd line/PP2 guy is getting rest, as he’s banged up.

    That’s why Army signed this guy, and is going to be playing every game til the roster is healthy

  2. Which the Blues lineup hasn’t been 100% healthy since day 1 of the season anyway..

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