Good look, better haircut

Line brawls in the NHL have hit a sharp decline since the introduction of penalty box walls. As a result, whenever something resembling a line brawl happens people tend to get VERY excited. Couple that with a rivalry that used to be interesting but has more or less been totally stale since the lockout you’ve got some good ole fashioned family entertainment.

And by good ole fashioned family entertainment I mean violence, questionable language for lip readers and male nudity from the waist up.

It all started with a shove between Nick Foligno and Luke Schenn which turned into punches exchanged between Foligno and Schenn. Away from that scrap was a shove from Chris Neil into the back of Carter Ashton which prompted Mikhail Grabovski to jump into the fray (Aside: props to Grabovski as one of the leaders of the team to step in for a rook) as he and Neil began to mix it up and trade shots and after all of that mess we had a few majors, a few game misconducts and an ever-present sense of nostalgia.

Take a look at the fracas.

The most impressive part of all of that? Grabovski was given TWO game misconducts for his role in the scraps. Feel free to use the #OMGrabovski hashtag as you please, given that I’ve never seen anyone get two before. Sure, it was a bad loss for Ottawa and a pointless win for Toronto (You’re failing wrong) but it was nice to see two teams who used to really dislike each other have some fire once again.

What’s your all-time favorite memory from the Battle of Ontario?