A man, alone.

Is there any doubt that Sidney Crosby is a little too good for this game? Seriously, the guy has now come back from multiple head injuries with some serious pizzazz and just keeps racking up the points. With a three point game against the Devils today – all assists, but he should have had a goal – he now has five points in two games since his latest return.


Perhaps the most impressive part of his return has been that he is really showing off what a physical menace he can be. You just can’t knock him off the puck, and if you make an attempt to close him down with multiple players his phenomenal vision allows him to pick out players most guys can’t actually see.

Exhibit A: This play that sets up an Evgeni Malkin goal is just insane. Watch.

The Penguins have now won 11 straight games and have only had their best player (Crosby) and number one defenseman (Kris Letang) for two of those wins. This team is very, very scary.

Are the Penguins the new “team to beat” even if they don’t win their division?