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Well, folks really got into our Steve Downie caption contest on Thursday so until you stop caring, I’ll keep putting these things together.

It has been a pretty up and down year for the sniper from Brampton, Ontario both on and off the rink. This picture gives us the perfect opportunity to peer into his soul and find out what Mr. Nash, at his core, is thinking.

Put your best words in Rick Nash’s mouth…. Go! (Keep it reasonably PG on here and feel free to tweet anything especially creative.)

Comment, Tweet, Facebook your best.

Comments (17)

  1. “Please let me get injured, please let me get injured.”

  2. “They can’t even afford hockey pucks in Columbus”

  3. Cmon, Mase! If you stop this, we can move on to practicing with hockey pucks!


  5. “Hey MLS let Ochocinco have a try out.”

  6. “I look good in anything that isn’t a Blue Jacket’s jersey.”

  7. “Please let them think I’m with the Crew. Maybe I can escape that way.”

  8. Wait! I haven’t learned to dodge a wrench yet!

  9. It seems like ever since Rick Nash requested to be traded his teammates have really started to take their friendly pre-game soccer circle way too seriously.

  10. I’m totally getting on the cover of FIFA Street!

  11. *Not pictured- Tom Jones and Carlton*

  12. Neediest kid ever about to get hit in the junk

  13. My Caption would be Rick Nash singing Tom Jones:

    “It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone…”

    Anyone who was older than 12 in the 90′s should get the joke.

  14. Sorry, Rick – a bet’s a bet. You didn’t get traded before the deadline, so we all get to peg you with soccer balls.”

  15. “OK, OK, OK, I’ll do my insane honeybadger impression ONE LAST TIME before I demand a trade again”

  16. “Wake me up, before you go go…”

  17. I wish Howson’s balls were that big!

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