For those of you hockey fans who live under rocks, the New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers started their game with a line brawl yesterday…for the second time this year.

This was Devils’ coach Peter DeBoer’s revenge for John Tortorella starting his heavies in New Jersey earlier in the season. When Tortorella saw who DeBoer was starting, he promoted tough guy D-man Stu Bickel to center for the opening draw. Frankly, I can’t believe these two coaches didn’t get suspended for this debacle, but that’s a whole other ball of wax.

Here were the tilts:

Well, Cam Janssen didn’t think too highly of Bickel taking Brandon Dubinsky’s spot for that opening draw (not like Dubinsky would’ve had a say in the matter). So, he called out Dubinsky, saying “I don’t think it looked too good on his part,” then added a sarcastic, condescending “Maybe he was injured,” that carried a similar meat-heady tone to every “Drink it you ____!” from high school parties ever.

Before you watch this, I’d also like to note that Cam Janssen is, shall we say, quite fit, and I’m scared to death of him.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: “This was not planned.”