Graham James, right, "hiding" from cameras. Pic from

Sentencing took place for ex-junior hockey coach and overall low-life scum-bucket Graham James today, which saw him recieve two years in prison for sexual abuse.

James was the hockey coach of Theo Fleury and Sheldon Kennedy, both of whom testified against their abuser during sentencing arguments last month.

The judge said earlier that it was obvious that James had “total control: over the teens he molested, because he threatened to end their budding hockey careers if they said anything.”

Two years isn’t long enough – there’s no shortage of people hoping he’s in with the general population.

More on this as details emerge.

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  1. Can they not just put 2 bullets in his head!? saves taxpayers lots of money.

  2. What a weak message sent to all the perverts in the country… two years for the hundreds of molestations and rapes… of minors…. and this… his SECOND time in jail…was actually PARDONED ONCE for abusing boys. I cannot get a pardon for an unregistered firearm for maybe another year…been trying for almost two now.. and the long gun registry is being tossed thank god. And this…piece of —- gets pardoned to repeat offend. The only good thing in this is that Holt and Fleury and the rest of the boys can say they took the bsturd down. I know of cases where a molestor got HOUSE ARREST for abusing a 9 year old girl. OHHHH!!!…… Canada…. what is wrong with you…what is so sick inside of our justice system that we allow perverts to walk to reoffend. Sad day indeed. But God Bless you boys…and Theo… I too, take it one day at a time brother, and you are my hero. Blessings to you boys. We are all with you, forever. The greatest goal ever scored was Kennedy to Holt to theo… and james in jail…
    maybe too we can lobby for stiffer sentences… I do in my region of Labrador. We must never give up on child safety.

  3. 2 years only… disgusting, this should be treated the same as second or first degree murder, actually first degree murder since all those WERE PLANNED.

  4. Surprise, surprise…NOT! The most vulnerable, the weakest are the least protected in society, nice eh? That’s right, children, seniors and animals are abused, neglected, raped daily in this country and what do the lawmakers, the judges, the politicians do about it? Well nothing all as usual. Graham James raped and molested children for years and all this sick twisted pedophile gets is 2 years in jail, and he will probably get out earlier for good “behaviour”. Just sickening!

    It’s pretty simple. The law does not protect children, seniors and animals properly and the people responsible for changing the laws to send these criminals to jail for longer periods of time have done nothing to change the laws. The politicians, the lawmakers of the land are responsible for protecting its citizens from deviants, from twisted, demented rapists, so a lot of blame should be spread around for this type of behaviour to be allowed to continue.

    Lay the blame on politicians and on judges, they make and enforce the law. These people are not locking up these predators for long periods of time. They are not protecting the public period. We should be the laughing stock of the world. This is a national and international embarrassment. Shame on Canada for not protecting its children!

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