I consider myself a fan of all sports. While hockey may be my first love, that doesn’t mean I’m not sitting on my couch watching football on Sundays, or filling out NCAA bracket, or heading to a Jays game to have a few beers with some friends. However most sports fans will have one sport that they are more knowledgeable about than the others, and they will have others that they know very little about. That’s when we rely on our friends to fill us in.

For example, Brenden Dunlop here at The Score loves his soccer and has done a great job with the Footy Show for years. I know VERY little about the game, so when a big story surfaces, I find myself at his desk asking what all the fuss is about. Now Dunlop doesn’t try to explain why the story is important, because if you don’t follow the sport on a regular basis, it will all go over your head. What he does is explains it in a way that he knows I will understand:  Using hockey terms.

Manchester United= Montreal Canadiens (in terms of history)

Lionel Messi= Sidney Crosby

Jose Mourinho= John Tortorella

Then he makes up a hockey equivalent of the story, it’s the most usefull way to do it. The best part is that they don’t need to be true events. In fact you can REALLY go crazy and mash together different eras, put players on teams they never played for, or downright just make up ridiculous scenarios.  In the end, it all makes sense.

With the Peyton Manning story dominating the sports world right now, I thought I would do you the same service. If you are a puckhead, and you have no idea why Peyton signing with the Broncos is such a big deal, here is what it may look like if it happened in the hypothetical hockey world.

Patrick Roy chooses the Washington Capitals. Jim Carey to be traded?

Move over Ace, Patrick Roy is coming to Washington.

After missing all of last season due to a concussion, the Montreal Canadiens really had no choice. Without St Patrick in net they stumbled out of the gate with 14 straight losses and ending up finishing dead last. The lottery balls went their way, and now they have the opportunity to select highly touted goaltender Martin Brodeur with the first overall pick. Keep a legend, or go after the new blood? To the dismay of many Hab fans, the team decided it would be best to part ways.

Many teams line-up for the services of the 3-time Vezina trophy winner, including the Philadelphia Flyers who made it to the Eastern conference finals before being eliminated by the eventual champion Devils.  The question that is now on everyone’s mind is…what will happen to Jim Carey? The man known as the Net Detective went undefeated in his first seven games of his career and suddenly found himself with the number one job. Many question his ability to actually stop the puck, but the common response of “the guy wins games” has been a common phrase heard in Washington (especially on talk radio stations). Many reports are now saying that Carey will be traded.

Will Roy be able to lead the Caps to a Stanley Cup? Only time will tell. However this signing has many wondering; Was it a smart move to choose arguably the greatest goaltender in NHL history over a man with questionable skills who happened to have one decent run in which his team helped him immensely to pick up wins? Again, only time will tell.

(Hope I helped you guys out)


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