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It appears as though Shane Doan is getting tired of the gruelling late season NHL schedule because he’s playing like a guy who really wants some time off. It finally looks as though he’ll be able to kick his feet up and enjoy some quality NHL rink coffee very soon.

Doan picked up a penalty or two tonight when he laid a blatant elbow on the chin of Jamie Benn and proceeded to fight Brenden Morrow with a trip to the box in hand. Some of you will recall that just four days ago Doan was assessed a fine courtesy of one Brendan Shanahan for boarding Mark Giordano. Apparently the $2,500 fine wasn’t enough to sway Shane’s thoughts on hitting people as Jamie Benn’s face found out.

Take a look.

Given Doan now has “repeat offender” status and it’s his second offense in a week, how many games does this one deserve? None? Five? 82? Let me know.

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  1. Seriously Chris, you need to make videos playable on iPads/iPhones. Talk to whoever you have to but please make it happen.

    • You need to make your next purchase of phone/tablet one that can play Flash!

      All the shiny smoothness, and it can’t run half the internet.

  2. Benn came back to play a few shifts, Phoenix right on the bubble, I think Shanny will give him 1-3 games

  3. I had to watch it several times to decide if Doan actually touched Benn. He did but Doan could really railroaded him there and didn’t. He only grazed him there a but. Benn theatrics could win an Oscar. Since Doan minimized the hit, I think there should be no suspension.

    • He grazed him because Benn tried to angle away. If Benn wasn’t paying attention he’d be wearing the cage for the next few weeks. An intentional elbow to the head (regardless of the results) has to be at least 3+ even for a vet like Doan.

    • So you didn’t clearly see Doan’s elbow up at head level hitting Benn square in the face? He had one hand on his stick, making a weak play for the puck, and one elbow up high making a great play on Benn’s face.

      • No I don’t. And I don’t the Doan’s elbow moving forard through Benn’s head. Do you see Benn’s head move even a little on “impact?” Nope, neither do I. I stand by my earlier characterisation of Benn being grazed with an innocently placed elbow. If it were as dangerougerous a hit as you make it out to be, Benn would have had at least some redness on his face when they showed him on the bench flipping his hair around.

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