Coming to a press box near you

It appears as though Shane Doan is getting tired of the gruelling late season NHL schedule because he’s playing like a guy who really wants some time off. It finally looks as though he’ll be able to kick his feet up and enjoy some quality NHL rink coffee very soon.

Doan picked up a penalty or two tonight when he laid a blatant elbow on the chin of Jamie Benn and proceeded to fight Brenden Morrow with a trip to the box in hand. Some of you will recall that just four days ago Doan was assessed a fine courtesy of one Brendan Shanahan for boarding Mark Giordano. Apparently the $2,500 fine wasn’t enough to sway Shane’s thoughts on hitting people as Jamie Benn’s face found out.

Take a look.

Given Doan now has “repeat offender” status and it’s his second offense in a week, how many games does this one deserve? None? Five? 82? Let me know.

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