This shouldn't have happened

Is there anything more demoralizing in hockey than a brutal goal?

Probably not. There’s that pervasive sense of “are you kidding me?” and “what the hell was that?” which infects the entire roster, top to bottom. Everybody’s glare becomes fixated on the goaltender – God forbid you’re at home and the crowd begins to prep themselves for a Bronx cheer – and things just get really, really uncomfortable.

In today’s slate of NHL action, two Masons – goaltenders, not cult members you Da Vinci Code fans – decided to duke it out for “if you thought that was bad, here’s this one” honors. Quite frankly, I’m a little perplexed as to which is actually worse. Hence therefore (Yogi Berra expression), I’ve decided to leave it up to you gang to tell us.

Take a look at each goal as Patrick Sharp shelfs one from the corner against Steve Mason and Evgeni Malkin beats Chris Mason from behind the Winnipeg net.

First up, here’s Patty’s effort:

Now Geno’s offering to the debate:

So we’ve seen them both and they both have their merits. On the one hand, Steve Mason is being Steve Mason and lets in a goal he has eyes on in brutal fashion. On the other hand, Chris Mason looks like a deer in the headlights watching Malkin in the corner.

Which goal was more deplorable?

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Comments (3)

  1. I’d have to go with Geno’s goal. Sharp’s goal was bad, but it was a beautiful shot. He picked the only possible spot to hit. Geno blindly fired the puck at the net, and Chris had no idea where the puck even was when that was happening. It’s hard to stop a puck when you forget to track it.

  2. I think I go with Sharp’s goal. It’s not like teams never shoot pucks from sharp angles, hoping to create rebounds and get a cheap goal – you never know when you’ll win the Stanley Cup on one, right Leighton?

    So Steve should have been ready for that. In fact he seems ready for it, except that he’s not hugging his post and he’s not really square to the shot. Holes everywhere.

    Malkin’s goal was just stupid luck. Chris made a save, recovered, was back on his post properly, and since the puck was below the goal line, he was peeking quickly to see where the Penguins were, so he could be ready for the pass. That’s not a bad idea. Malkin just happened to catch him off his back skate on a blind toss to the crease. Maybe Chris should have had his stick on the ice so the puck would have deflected off that, and away from the net; that’s the only thing you could say had gone wrong with the keeper there.

  3. Malkin’s was much worse. No look pass from behind the goal line? At least Sharp’s looked intentional.

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