"I'm not crazy, this is really easy tonight, yeah?" "....Da."

In today’s Backhand Shelf Podcast, Pizzo and I reviewed Shane Doan’s good guy status after he elbowed Jamie Benn in the dome yesterday. You’ll notice pretty early on I was unable to focus on the elbow because I’m obsessed with figuring out what the hell he did after with the whole “fighting” Morrow thing.

We also talked about:

* Phil Kessel being put on blast for being shy, and that being ridiculous

* The Penguins are frighteningly good when healthy, it appears

* Malkin has four five-point games this year

* Wagering Wednesday’s, in which Rob tries to stop losing those “gambling along at home” money with the help of a friend

* Three big games were played out in the West last night

* Will Patrick Roy be the Habs next coach?

* And as always….more.

You can listen to it here:

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