The first “Because it’s the Cup” ad that the NHL is running as we head towards the playoffs is, for lack of a better word, bad. It’s one of those things that tries hard to make you feel something, but comes off forced.

But earlier today Puck Daddy ran the release of some of the new team and player-centric ads, and I gotta say – these have potential.

Below are the four new commercials, and I’d like you to let me know if I’m crazy, or if you’re with me – these are pretty good, aren’t they?

On the current Stanley Cup champions, and their run at a repeat:

On the current Western Conference champions, and their higher goal:

On the New York Rangers, and their “team” mentality (which I wrote about earlier today):

And last, on the Sedin brothers, and how they’ve accomplished just about every goal they’ve had, save for the biggie:

Other than the fact that Liev Schreiber ruined every hockey voice-over for everyone ever, that was some pretty good stuff right? Not nearly as overstated as the initial commercial in the series ”Two Halftimes.”