One of these guys gets paid well, the other puts up numbers. They are not the same guy

On March 6th, Backhand Shelf took a look at, and noted the NHL’s best cost-per-point players – it’s always fun to do towards the end of the season. Today however, we’re going to be Negative Nancy’s, and look at the worst.

Here’s a list of those who are dead-last, with some caveats first:

Injuries play a role in this list, as some guys haven’t had the opportunity to play enough games to actually score points. There is a 10-game minimum (to eliminate all the 9-game tryout youngsters that would populate the list), but some of these names didn’t get in many games this year.

There’s also the caveat that some guys are defensive defensemen, and their job isn’t to score goals.

Still, it’s always fun to take a peak – check out Bang4YourPuck here for more (and follow them on Twitter – @Bang4YourPuck), but only after you look at the worst cost-per-point players in the NHL.

Oh my goodness, is that Scott Gomez’s music?!

NINO NIEDERREITER $2,795,000 1 0 1 $2,795,000
ROBYN REGEHR $4,020,000 1 2 3 $1,340,000
SEAN AVERY $3,875,000 3 0 3 $1,291,667
PATRICK EAVES $1,200,000 0 1 1 $1,200,000
SCOTTIE UPSHALL $3,500,000 1 2 3 $1,166,667
CAM BARKER $2,250,000 2 0 2 $1,125,000
JODY SHELLEY $1,100,000 0 1 1 $1,100,000
COLBY ARMSTRONG $3,000,000 1 2 3 $1,000,000
ADAM PARDY $2,000,000 0 2 2 $1,000,000
MARK FISTRIC $1,000,000 0 1 1 $1,000,000
MARC STAAL $3,975,000 2 2 4 $993,750
COLTEN TEUBERT $916,700 0 1 1 $916,700
MIKE KOMISAREK $4,500,000 1 4 5 $900,000
TIM ERIXON $1,750,000 0 2 2 $875,000
DYLAN OLSEN $870,000 0 1 1 $870,000
ERIC TANGRADI $845,800 0 1 1 $845,800
MIKE GREEN $5,250,000 3 4 7 $750,000
MARCO STURM $2,250,000 2 1 3 $750,000
JOHN ERSKINE $1,500,000 0 2 2 $750,000
ERIC FEHR $2,200,000 2 1 3 $733,333
JAY PANDOLFO $1,400,000 1 1 2 $700,000
JASON JAFFRAY $675,000 0 1 1 $675,000
SCOTT GOMEZ $7,357,100 2 9 11 $668,827
ZACH HAMILL $1,316,700 0 2 2 $658,350
MARK EATON $2,500,000 1 3 4 $625,000

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  1. The Eaves isn’t really fair given his injury this year. It’s not as if he’s a Gomez.

  2. It would be interesting to see Cost per point per game

    • Working on cost-per-point/game as we speak. Not much changes in the Top 10 forwards or defence surprisingly.

      • I think the calculation really needs to be points-per-game multiplied by cost-per-point

        • How about divide salary with 82 (games in a full season), multipy the quotient with the amont of games they’ve played, divide the product from that with their amount of points? Kinda the same result I’d guess, but that’s the way I’d do it.

          Also, if Avery is included who’ve spent the last few months in the minors, we might as well include Redden (why Sather, why?) and the other players who are paid full salary in the minors. Although you can’t divide by zero…

        • You mean cost-per-game?

  3. At least out of all of these players Gomez can say he has the most points.

  4. Gomez is nothing but a plug

  5. There are a few players on here where their point production aren’t what they get paid for (i.e. Regher, Staal), but then it’s terrible for others (Green, Gomez) they really stick out as ones who only bring offense to a team and are not getting it done.

    • But then again, Green has been out for a lot of games with his injuries + the suspension.

      • Mike Green: 7 points in 26 games (0.269 ppg)
        Scott Gomez: 11 points in 38 games (0.289 ppg)

        So if Green gets a pass due to injuries and suspension, why doesn’t Gomez?

  6. Isn’t it a bit unfair to include Marc Staal on this list? He missed nearly half the season with injury and is known more for his defensive play.

  7. but Jason Jaffary has 38 PTs for the ice caps.

  8. Nino Niederreiter’s salary is not $2.795 million this year. That’s his cap hit, since all his possible bonuses are included in that number. His salary is only $900,000. He hasn’t got a prayer of meeting any of the Exhibit 5 bonuses listed in the CBA, either club-based or league-wide.

    So for now, Nino is actually tied with Komisarek at $900K per point. Should he stumble into an assist or something in the final seven games, he gets to leave this ignoble collection entirely.

  9. Anyone else notice how many of these contracts were created by either the Rangers or the Capitals?

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