Last night against the Winnipeg Jets, Jason Spezza set out to remind us that he is, in fact, very good at hockey.

He’s currently 4th in the NHL in scoring with 81 points (31 goals), and is a major reason that the Sens are on the verge of making playoffs in a season where a lot of people (cough*me*cough) thought they may finish near the basement.

One thing he’s always done is score some ridiculous highlight reel goals. In the wake of last night’s super-double-amazing assist, here are five other reminders why Spezza’s a special player:

Last night:

And beyond….

The tuck-in against Johnson in January:

The slap-bomb waterbottle blow-up in February:

The RIDICULOUS coast-to-coaster in March of 2010:

The wide-drive in November of 2010:

And this dangle from way back in 2006:

If you can think of any others, feel free to add them in the comment section below. Dude is A-ohhhhh-kayyy at hockey.

(Stick-tap to new Score intern Jake Goldsbie, whom we shall abuse with zeal in the future. He’s a good dude. Follow him on Twitter)

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  1. I’ve long argued that Spezza is under-appreciated. A big, rangy center who has become awesome at face-offs and hits 30 goals every time he has something approaching a full season (65+ gms)? Rare, and he doesn’t get talked about nearly enough. He didn’t get enough credit when he was with Alfie and Heatley, because the thought was he benefited from them. Now? He’s turned Milan Michalek into someone who has finally reached their potential. To me, he’s on par with Eric Staal, but I feel like Staal gets a lot more pub.

    • seriously? no offense to Staal, but Spezza is WAY better than him. Staal is awesome and everything, but I just don’t see a world where Staal is even close. I mean, totally different skillset and style of course, but I dunno…

      • That’s exactly my point. Staal gets a ton more credit than Spezza. But Spezza is just as good, if not better than Staal, especially recently. I mean, Spezza wasn’t even invited to the 2010 Canadian Olympic summer camp, behind guys like a young Lucic, Derek Roy, Dan Cleary, Jordan Staal, and Andy freakin’ McDonald. I know there are roles to fill, but then again that just shows how much Spezza has improved on both sides of the puck and at draws.

        There were a ton of rumors the Rangers were after Spezza, and I was all for it. Good thing OTT didn’t panic and trade him.

    • Do i EVER agree with you!! Jason Spezza is my faVorite player always has been. I know how good he is and no he doesnt get enought credit for his talent! hes great! great shot! great aim! great stickhandling! amazing at face-offs what else am I missing here? Oh… That he owns and makes ppl around him better! :)
      Go Spezz Go!

  2. How does this guy not score on every shift?
    Top-shelf stuff there. True beauty.

  3. just dirty, been really impressed with Spezza’s commitment and improvement over the last couple years to become a real leader – he’s probably the biggest reason the sens are overachieving this year and strongly deserves to be in the Hart discussion…even though he probably won’t be :p

  4. haha spezza is a much better player than eric staal. He has had injuries troubles his whole career but has always been a point per gamer.

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