Count the sad Capitals

I’m not a big Jason Pominville guy as most people will tell you. I think he’s a good player but at his price tag I have a hard time dealing with what he brings. At any rate, he has put together a good little season for himself this year and looks like he may be worth that $5.3 million cap hit after all.

I’m human, I’m wrong sometimes, oh well.

Regardless of dollars and cents Pominville put together a hell of a goal for the Sabres against the Capitals in the biggest game of the season for Buffalo.

Watch as Pominville picks the pocket of Ovie, comes in on goal and freezes Michal Neuvirth to make it a 4-1 Sabres lead.

Some food for thought…

With the Sabres now closing in on that playoff spot, will you be throwing down some coin on a hot Ryan Miller led Buffalo squad?

Comments (4)

  1. Impressively, Wideman managed to take neither the shooter nor the pass, despite the shooter coming from way wide. That was some sad, sad defence

  2. Don’t torment me like that with the quote about the Cup. What I’d give to see this team win…

  3. Ovi is about to whack his goalie LOL

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