Why yes, Brian Leetch DID play for the Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs were officially eliminated from the Playoffs today, meaning that they haven’t played an ounce of meaningful hockey here. Having exorcised most of my personal demons earlier this evening, I’ve decided to give you a much more lighthearted look at their failings.

Here is a list of all of the cool things that happened during the last season up until their last game against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Get ready for some a journey through time!

October 12, 2003 – Michael Schumacher captures the 2003 F1 Championship (his sixth) over Kimi Raikkonen

October 24, 2003 – Concorde makes its last official commercial flight

October 25, 2003 – The Florida Marlins win their second World Series over the New York Yankees

November 22, 2003 – England captures their first ever Rugby World Cup

December 12, 2003 – Paul Martin becomes the 21st Prime Minister of Canada (seen accepting an honorary degree from Queen’s University)

December 13, 2003 – Saddam Hussein is captured by American forces

2003 at-large – The events surrounding the Zombie apocalypse per the 28 Days/Weeks Later franchise

January 4, 2004 – NASA’s MER-A, commonly known as the Mars Rover, successfully lands on Mars

February 1, 2004 – The New England Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers to win their second Super Bowl in three seasons

February 26, 2004 – USA lifts 23 year travel ban to Libya

March 28, 2004 – First ever South Atlantic hurricane – Hurricane Catarina – lands on the coast Brazil

April 29, 2004 – The last Oldsmobile rolls off the line, bringing an end to the brand that was started in 1897. It was the oldest North American automobile brand.

May 1, 2004 – The largest expansion of the European Union as 10 states are added – Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Malta, Cyprus.

May 4, 2004 – The Toronto Maple Leafs Leafs play their last playoff game for seven years and counting…

Crazy stuff.

Thanks to our friend Andrew at theScore’s desk here for compiling this anthology.