I don’t even know where to start with this video, so I’m just going to dive into the highlights, and you can enjoy it for yourself.

Highlight #1 – The Bruins Bear, whom I love, is vacuuming, and seems to have more paunch than last year. Also, the set rules.

Highlight #2 – Appearances from Renee Rancourt and Jack Edwards.

Highlight #3 – The Seguin card-stack-to-smile was vintage, perfect (as was the Ference moment).

Highlight #4 – Whoever cooked up The Bear and Chara as housemates, with the bear shrinking Chara’s jersey….you are awesome.

Highlight #5 – David Krejci’s laugh to camera stoicism, A+

And finally,

Highlight #6 – Using a Claude Julien rant for his intro was great.

Oh, and honorable mention to The Bear’s typewriter skills at the end. That’s how I roll too.

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  1. Everything about the Bruins Bear is so full of win.

    The mobile-app-only episode keeps it going in the right direction as well. Making fun of Jack Edwards is always a good time.

  2. Bruins Bear = Best. Hockey. Character. Ever.

  3. The cheesy music and the graphics! A fish on the wall (of course, it’s a bear’s den), the poster that incensed Tampa fans, the bear’s homemade Cup (with the foil pilfered by Marchand in an earlier ad still missing), Horton’s water bottle on the coffee table… the details are just perfect. And Seids playing the accordian… bwahahaha.

  4. I love Bear!!! His commercials are the best! Even Habs fans can’t hate on Bear…right?

  5. i really. really hate the bruins. but this absolutely hilarious.

  6. Although I wake up in the middle of the night to hate the BRUINS and/or Brad Marchand, these clips define awesome!

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