I don’t even know where to start with this video, so I’m just going to dive into the highlights, and you can enjoy it for yourself.

Highlight #1 – The Bruins Bear, whom I love, is vacuuming, and seems to have more paunch than last year. Also, the set rules.

Highlight #2 – Appearances from Renee Rancourt and Jack Edwards.

Highlight #3 – The Seguin card-stack-to-smile was vintage, perfect (as was the Ference moment).

Highlight #4 – Whoever cooked up The Bear and Chara as housemates, with the bear shrinking Chara’s jersey….you are awesome.

Highlight #5 – David Krejci’s laugh to camera stoicism, A+

And finally,

Highlight #6 – Using a Claude Julien rant for his intro was great.

Oh, and honorable mention to The Bear’s typewriter skills at the end. That’s how I roll too.