Ryan Miller: the closest thing cyclopes have to one of their own in the NHL

I have some bad news. My Tieline - the thing I use to sound “in studio” with Pizzo while broadcasting from Phoenix – was acting up today. We’re on a tight schedule (as theScore studios are home to many podcasts), so rather than fight it and record a 12 minute episode, we opted for Skype. Thus, I sound like I’m in a tin can.

But, we still battled through, and talked about…

* The Sabres on the rise – anyone wanna face them in playoffs?

* The Jets….not on the rise so much

* Wagering Wednesday

* Should Taylor Hall have had surgery sooner?

* How’s the Flyers situation looks with Bryzgalov having a bone chip in his foot

* Who’s the NHL’s rookie of the year?

* And much more.

You can listen to it here:

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