Alright folks, the first two have gone over pretty well and I wanted to do one tonight. Unfortunately no classic photos were taken like the one of Mr. Downie or Mr. Nash, but I think we can make this work.

Between the fact it’s Patrick Kane, the sign proclaiming love for Patrick Kane and a New Jersey Devils blood drive ad, there has to be some gold in here.

I leave it to you, Backhand Shelf nation. Give us your best synopsis of what’s going on here. Great answers can be, but are not limited to: simple quotes, memes, mini-screenplays, sitcom ideas, novellas, etc.

Comments (8)

  1. “You know, I should give blood while I am in town.”

  2. Girl in beret: “Hm, I wonder if Kane can get me Hjalmarsson’s autograph.”

  3. Kane: “Hey little girl, here’s a puck, your older sister gets the stick”

  4. “Blood Drive Saturday? I didn’t know the Devils and Rangers play again this season!”

  5. Kane would give blood on Saturday, but he’ll be hanging out with these ladies on Friday and will probably contract something disqualifies him from donating.

  6. Girl in Beret: “Kane has nothing on Quenville’s mustache”

  7. Kane: “Okay girls, if I score a goal, then we all fist pump in unison Juice head guerrilla style.”

  8. Lou Lamorillo would like to thank the Chicago Blackhawks for selling out the Prudential Center

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