As you likely already know, the NHL’s new playoff ad campaign “Because it’s the Cup” is in full force. We’ve featured the spots before.

Unfortunately, the only teams who get ads made about them, are, well, playoff teams. Because of this, Down Goes Brown and Bloge Salming petitioned the League, and got them to make one about their Toronto Maple Leafs. ….Only it’s slightly different.

This is “Because of the Cap.” Leafs fans, this one may hurt a bit.

And one more thing….

Good news everyone! Backhand Shelf will feature a new video by these two gentlemen next week. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

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  1. Good news, everyone! You’re going to the Stanley Cup Finals!


    We’ve been hired to deliver the stale popcorn left over from opening night!


    Be sure not to mix it up with the packing peanuts inside the crate. Off you go!

    Wait, which one’s green and which one’s pink?

    (shot of Zoidberg devouring both. The crew approach, he screeches angrily at them, and they scatter)

  2. I’ve been trying to find those ‘Because it’s the Cup’ clips on Youtube, and mostly what I get is ’2 Girls 1 Cup’ reaction videos. Then again, maybe it’s just videos of people watching the Leafs.

  3. only the leafs would sign a guy for more than he’s worth and then bench him for the rest of his career. Idiots. I’m glad Carlyle is the coach now, good or bad; Komisarek has to play.

  4. Good News… at least Toronto found out the leadership qualities of Phaneuf this season (I guess they should have listened to Calgary)

    Could be worst, he could be the Captain… Wait what???

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