In his net, where he should be

When it comes to goaltenders who have put together good seasons behind the top notch guys – Lundqvist, Quick, Elliott, etc. – not many of them have put together better years than Marc-Andre Fleury. Sure, the Pens are probably the most impressive team on the planet right now, but with #29 in net they are free to play a much more free wheeling style than they do with Brent Johnson or Brad Thiessen.

Unfortunately, its not all fun and games for Fleury as he has been known to have the occasional misstep. As sad as it is to say, I know plenty of people who refuse to accept him as a good hockey player because of his World Juniors misstep with Patrick O’Sullivan.
And when he makes plays like the one you’re about to see with Frans Nielsen I know said people are grinning heartily.

Take a look as Fleury misplays this breakaway.

Not the best, Mr. Fleury.

Now… I don’t think this one compares but what’s the worst goaltender blunder you’ve ever seen?

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  1. Interesting choice of picture up top, Chris. Ullstrom scored on that play.

    As for the breakaway, this isn’t the smartest choice, especially since he winds up getting crushed by piling into his own man. (Aside – I was impressed by Sid Crosby being the first guy to go over to check on Fluery.) But in terms of bad play and consequences, I can think of worse – Brodeur, for example, dropping his stick against Anaheim, causing a dump-in wide of the net to ping back through him and in; or Roy thinking that he had the puck in his glove against Detroit and standing up to show the world… that he’d left it sitting in the crease to be banged home.

    Oh… and Vesa LOLskala.

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