Gilbert making a sandwich

We’ve seen some bizarre stick incidents this season and Thursday night added itself to the list as Tom Gilbert and Kris Versteeg combined to make a rather odd conjunction between Versteeg’s stick and Gilbert’s head. My initial reaction was “How the hell did that happen?” (direct quote)

Basically the two get tied up in front of the Minnesota net after a faceoff, Versteeg’s stick comes up after he gets tangled with Darroll Powe and by some sort of voodoo the stick goes through the ear loop of Gilbert’s helmet. It takes a while to figure out how exactly that happened but the end result is a very uncomfortable looking Gilbert being facially caressed by a stick.

Take a look.

In sum: Tom Gilbert is not a happy camper and Versteeg commits the most obvious high stick in the history of time.

With that, what’s the weirdest stick blooper you’ve seen happen happen during a game?