^Also not from Ontario

Well, I noted a bit earlier this week that all was not sitting well amongst Leafs fans, and a few folks tried to express their displeasure with the state of the franchise by rooting on the one beacon of hope the city seems to have – the Toronto Blue Jays – at the Air Canada Centre.

I, of course, found this incredibly funny because there were some dark days earlier in this millennium at
the Skydome and “Go Leafs Go” chants were commonplace by idiots you wanted to pelt with beer cans. The fact Jays backers are now reciprocating is a little disappointing but well deserved if you’re the Leafs. These chants didn’t exactly go unnoticed either…

Apparently there were also jerseys thrown on the ice at this game and general volatility that hasn’t been seen in a while, waffle tossings not included. Yes, that’s right, not since waffles were tossed a whole one year ago. It’ll be fun to watch how things deteriorate further down the stretch.

Now, Backhand Shelf nation, if you were a fed up fan for your respective team, how would you show your displeasure?