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Well, I noted a bit earlier this week that all was not sitting well amongst Leafs fans, and a few folks tried to express their displeasure with the state of the franchise by rooting on the one beacon of hope the city seems to have – the Toronto Blue Jays – at the Air Canada Centre.

I, of course, found this incredibly funny because there were some dark days earlier in this millennium at
the Skydome and “Go Leafs Go” chants were commonplace by idiots you wanted to pelt with beer cans. The fact Jays backers are now reciprocating is a little disappointing but well deserved if you’re the Leafs. These chants didn’t exactly go unnoticed either…

Apparently there were also jerseys thrown on the ice at this game and general volatility that hasn’t been seen in a while, waffle tossings not included. Yes, that’s right, not since waffles were tossed a whole one year ago. It’ll be fun to watch how things deteriorate further down the stretch.

Now, Backhand Shelf nation, if you were a fed up fan for your respective team, how would you show your displeasure?

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  1. Hell, throw the Jays on the ice and they’d probably be less an embarassment then the leafs at this point!

  2. Is it wrong that I liked this ALOT. Hopeflly some people go to the jays game instead of the emptiness it is. Also maybe this will make the organization feel embarrassed and do something right for once, No? Well I hoped.

  3. Half the fans were doing it derisively and won’t go to a Jays game but still…man baseball is back in this town — I am loving it! The Jays have a legit shot at relegating the Leafs to the back pages if they can stay in a race.

  4. And if they REALLY want to show their derision, maybe they should buy some Jays tickets at a fraction of the cost of what they paid to watch tonight’s gong show.

  5. The leafs have sucked for over 10 years and you all are just figuring this out now???!!! Wow!! Better late than never I guess. The Oshawa Generals are doing better than these princesses on ice they call the leafs

  6. Hashtags. Many, many hashtags.

  7. Here’s a fresh idea, Leafs fans: STOP GOING TO FUCKING GAMES THIS YEAR. A few half-empty barns and MLSE will get the message.

    • Yeah, it worked for Atlanta!

      Obviously the Leafs would never, ever move, but not supporting your team because you want them to win is as stupid as it gets.

      • What motivation does MLSE have to improve the team, when every game is a sell-out regardless of how good or bad the team is doing? What other method does a fan have to truly communicate their feeling that what is going on is unacceptable? Why is “This team is shit and nothing productive is being done to improve things, so you better do something about it! In the meanwhile, here’s hundreds of my hard-earned dollars, you rich owners you!” an acceptable response to mediocrity and failure?

        I’m not promoting a wholesale abandonment of the team, but these last few games… a few half-empty barns would spell out “fan discontent” much more strongly than a whole box of Eggos on the ice.

        • what motivation do they have? try making the playoffs and all the income that comes with it. If the leafs make the playoffs, MLSE gets a ton of revenue that they don’t have to give the players. 6 home games would give them a good 10-15M in revenue that they didn’t have to give a cent of to the players.

          MLSE already spends to the cap, or close to it. If they did it wisely, they’d make the playoffs and get a huge income boost. Have you ever heard of a corporation that was happy with the amount of money they were making and didn’t want to bother making any more, even when it wouldn’t actually cost them any more money to do it?

          MLSE isn’t evil, they’re just incompetent.

  8. Always been rocking the jays gear, and try to go to as many games as possible. I dont even feel bad for spending $ on booze at the skydome cause the jays have been rockin it these last few years, and everybody can see the promise and potential on that ball field.


  9. In related news, Don Cherry commented that there are way too many damn Dominicans on the Jays

  10. Stop going to games? Lets start with staying away from Buffalo first…

  11. Lets look at it this way….when Rogers purchased the Toronto Blue Jays they started going in the right direction….Now that the teachers union has sold their shares to Rogers and Bell as a whole…..I can see some major changes coming for MLSE and the Leafs

  12. The jays have had a winning record for the last couple of seasons in a very difficult division so I respect them more than the leafs! The fans which go to leaf games are all corporate people trying to brown nose eachother for buisiness reasons. The day we get blue collar fans and better management is the day we will atleast see one playoff game in HD lol You only hear leaf fans when they are booing their team how about once in awhile cheering your team on! This isn’t new now its been 10 years let’s be realistic now … I’m gonna have to say what I’ve been saying for 10 years now “we’ll make the playoffs next year”

  13. Even though it hasn’t happened recently, it seems Phillies games aren’t the only place this stuff happens anymore.

  14. I was at the game, the chants were loud, and the crowd was right into the Jays, it was awesome!

  15. Went to Dunedin for Blue Jay Spring Training.. they are playing really well, & deserve more fans, I support them every year..The way I see it I am 41 yrs old & at least the Blue Jays have brought home two World Series in MY LIFETIME!!! Now What have the LEAFS done???

    “Let’s Go Blue Jays, Let’s GO” :)

  16. In Toronto they toss waffles. In Philly they would toss waffle irons. I think I’d rather be a Leaf than a Flyer, all things considered.

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