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Brendan Shanahan will be looking at some film tonight after the Capitals’ Jason Chimera absolutely demolished the Bruins’ Adam McQuaid with six minutes to play in the first period. Chimera was ejected from the game after a charging major penalty and game misconduct.

It’s pretty tough to argue this hit as being anything but dirty. Sure, there’s the argument to be made that McQuaid turned his body at the last second but it doesn’t hold much water since it would have likely been a charging/boarding call before McQuaid turned, as evidenced by the angle when you freeze frame the clip below at roughly the 0:12-0:14 second mark. This hit was all kinds of nasty.

Take a look.

Gotta love that fan getting into it with Chimera, probably not the best call by Jason to get into it with someone in the crowd.

Given that Chimera has no defined suspension history I wouldn’t expect too much for this, probably in the realm of 2-3 games. That being said however, I think this is absolutely a suspendable hit.

How many games do you think would be appropriate?

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  1. Not suspension-worthy. Chimera was going in to hit the guy with the puck behind the net – he’s a fast skater, was trying to finish his check, and McQuaid turns at the last second. What exactly was he supposed to do in this situation? There was no way he was going to be able to stop once McQuaid stupidly puts himself in a vulnerable position, although if you watch the slow-mo replay you can see him kind of pull up at the end.

    I could maybe – MAYBE – buy a minor for charging. Suspension? Shouldn’t be.

  2. Agreed — no suspension. Sure, Chimera has McQuaid lined up for a good solid hit behind the net (hence, maybe a charging minor, although note that Chimera has stopped striding and is gliding towards the end), but the problem here is that McQuaid turned at the last second and put himself in a vulnerable position. Somethings, stuff just happens.

  3. Guys have to be responsible for their actions and be able to play under control. Sure McQuaid turns, but it’s a legit move to shake the forecheck and not a cowardly duck.
    Chimera is going too fast to adjust and decides to board McQuaid instead. Charging isn’t necessarily judged by stride count (re:Liambas’ hit on Fanelli in the OHL). Hockey can’t be played the same way as it was in the past, guys are too big and too fast now. If the NHL wants to reduce injuries, this kind of hit needs to be deemed illegal and suspension worthy. I’d say 2-3 games is a fair penalty.

  4. Title of this “article” should read “Today in tantalizingly stupid headlines designed to bring traffic to my site and contain very little actual substance”. Sorry I clicked through on this one. First of all, NOT a Caps fan, so don’t even try going there. Second, since when is a guy not allowed to follow through on a check simply because he’s fast? Never. The charging rule plainly states that the hit must be “violent” to qualify it as charging and this hit is anything but. It is simply a good hockey hit to break the player from the puck. No head hit. No slew foot. Just a fast skater following through with his check when suddenly, the player he’s checking TURNS INTO THE BOARD.

  5. I have to agree that McQuaid was moving in slow motion and turned himsellf towards the boards. I don’t think this hit was all that awful, but if Doan’s grazzing of Benn’ was worth 3 games, then this is certainly worth two.

  6. Have to agree with “Annoying”. Pretty clear based on film, league rules, and interpretation of rule by league that this was not worth a suspension. Stating the obvious here but Lund must be a Bruins fan.

  7. Thought I was going to be the only one defending this guy, but I don’t really see this as suspension worthy. McQuaid takes a peek when he first turns towards the back of the net, and it’s no coincidence that he stops to cut back just before getting hit. He knows the guy is coming. It’s unfortunate that he got a face full of board, but he brought this one on himself.

    Don’t turn into the boards right before you’re about to get plowed.

  8. I figured I would be in the minority here. I don’t think he should be suspended. I didn’t think it was that bad of a hit. I could see the boarding call because McQuaid was 3 or 4 feet away from the boards. The only reason why it looks like Chimera plastered him into the boards was because their skates came together (14 second mark). If that doesn’t happen, the hit isn’t nearly as bad.

  9. Totally agree wiht most comments.

    Not suspension worthy..

    I see Shanaban going “the onus is on the player to not put themsleves in vulnerable position”

    What make this even less dirty is that you clearly see Mcquaid looking up before the hit. He then decide to turn around. We all know the speed Chimera can develop and if you ever played contact hockey, you would know that it’s not easy being full speed and change course close to the board in a split second.

    No suspension but he still deserve a minor for bording.

  10. I’m a Bruins fan, and my only outrage at this hit is that McQuaid seems to be on a suicide mission. Last year he launched himself into the boards and sprained his neck, this year he turns at the last second when he sees the hit coming?

    I mean… maybe a penalty for charging/boarding. I didn’t see the run-up to the hit, but if it was excessively violent it should be a charging penalty. But I wouldn’t penalize it extra because of the hit from behind aspect of it, because that’s a textbook case of turning “immediately before or simulataneously to” the delivering of the hit, Shanabook style.

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