The aftermath

Brendan Shanahan will be looking at some film tonight after the Capitals’ Jason Chimera absolutely demolished the Bruins’ Adam McQuaid with six minutes to play in the first period. Chimera was ejected from the game after a charging major penalty and game misconduct.

It’s pretty tough to argue this hit as being anything but dirty. Sure, there’s the argument to be made that McQuaid turned his body at the last second but it doesn’t hold much water since it would have likely been a charging/boarding call before McQuaid turned, as evidenced by the angle when you freeze frame the clip below at roughly the 0:12-0:14 second mark. This hit was all kinds of nasty.

Take a look.

Gotta love that fan getting into it with Chimera, probably not the best call by Jason to get into it with someone in the crowd.

Given that Chimera has no defined suspension history I wouldn’t expect too much for this, probably in the realm of 2-3 games. That being said however, I think this is absolutely a suspendable hit.

How many games do you think would be appropriate?