This hurts.

We’ve hit an odd time of the hockey season for most people as we fans can be conveniently lumped in to one of three categories.

1) Your team is on the verge of sealing their playoff spot and you are planning potential playoff matchups.
2) You are glued to the out of town scoreboard as your team dukes it out for the last couple playoff spots
3) You’re waiting for baseball season to begin after your team played themselves out of the playoffs a while ago

This video is for those in group three.

Here’s a spot put together by the folks at Visa as part of their trip to the Stanley Cup promotion, which chronicles the sadness of a guy who watches his team (incidentally the Jets) bite the big one.

I want Morgan Freeman to narrate my life.

After seeing that, and I’m assuming watching the Cup finals in the jersey of a team not present isn’t part of this, what’s your ‘post elimination’ ritual?

Cap tip to Reddit Hockey for upvoting this to my attention.