I found a link to this on Reddit Hockey earlier today, and I thought it was pretty wicked. Twitter user @theycallmemorty has compiled a map of the birthplace of every player currently in the NHL.

It’s pretty cool to see the outliers (Craig Adams was born in Seria Brunei?), you can see which cities have produced the most current NHLers (not bad, Anchorage, Alaska), and you can make great generalizations like “Antarctica – not doing so hot for a place made out of ice.”

It’s not embeddable, but I recommend you check it out here:

Birth map of 2011-2012 NHL players


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  1. And to make it three comments for the day, this is awesome.

  2. I think Linus Omark has the honour of being the most northerly player in the league.

    I’d love to see a time-lapse of this every five seasons.

  3. haha, stolz auf den Jochen!!
    Jochen Hecht is from my hometown! Real hockey hero here!

  4. Although this map doesn’t indicate where guys actually grew up and played their minor hockey it is very informative. The topic are where guys are from frequently comes up at the pub watching games with the boys…thanks for this.

    Who would have thought a player would be from Brazil? and Robyn Regher at that.

  5. It’s cool that the sharpest NHL player density gradient in the world seems to be the Czech Rep. – Poland border

  6. Very cool! This is an awesome map.

  7. Thanks!
    Luke Artis

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