"D'jou guys see that oh man I was right there!!1!"

In last night’s Penguins/Flyers game, things got a little heated. Flyers’ coach Peter Laviolette blamed Dan Bylsma and the Penguins for creating the on-ice chaos by putting their fourth line on the ice after some drama (they hadn’t played in 12 minutes), so he snapped a Max Talbot stick over the glass in the Pens direction, half of which ended up in their bench (“Said Talbot, “It was sad. That was a good stick.”)

Either way, Pens assistant coach Tony Granato got fired up in return, and stood on the bench to go face-to-face with Laviolette.

While all this took place, poor Pierre McGuire who was “Between the Glass” had no idea what do with himself. Do I look down? Up? What do I do with my arms?

I died laughing like I was watching Louie CK stand-up, cause I probably would’ve been doing the same thing, given that I am also capable of much awkwardness. Here’s Pierre in all his glory, completely unsure of everything, arms at his side, mostly trying not to watch for some reason:

“No no, carry on, I’m just thinking of something else…..” (“Happy place happy place happy place“)

“You guys see me right? I’m right here. It’s so awkward when you fight in front of me.”

“Oh, foo. They’re not listening to me. Hey look, a shiny thing. ….Sigh…I wonder what I did wrong.”

Good times.

We should also note that none of these screenshots were even close to being the best picture from last night’s heated contest:

Yeah, there’s your winner. Whatcha gonna do, brother?