"I do? Cool."

This gif may go beyond being the best hockey gif of 2012, it may be the best hockey gif of the entire season. Hell, it may be the best one since the classic below, which will never be dethroned as the best hockey gif ever:

That’s just too awesome. It’s like something out of a bad movie, but real.

Thanks to Anthony Cook (@ACOOK666) of Reckless Caution.com (very cool site, Flames fans) for creating this amazing gif of Scott Hartnell Hogan-ing the the Penguins fan-Hogan last night.

Hartnell’s first place ranking on the beerability index remains.

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  1. Suck it Phaneuf

  2. His skills within area of comedy are about same as his skills in skating: not so good, but then again my sense of humor is weird. Result: he manages to quite often amuse me in various ways. I guess that’s good.

  3. This is awesome. I think every sport needs a few character guys like this.

  4. he keeps making it so difficult to hate him.

  5. He needs to somehow sport a two-colour beard during playoff time.

  6. I almost want him to do the Hulk fu-manchu for the playoffs instead of the full beard. Not quite, because without Mike Commodore, nobody else can carry off the full-red beard with mad flow like Hartnell. But it’s close.

  7. I sure do love Scott Fartsmell

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