My Dad’s here this weekend, so I showed him the Sabres game tying goal-ish thing against the Leafs from last night because, hey, that scrum was funny, right?

His (accurate) takeaway, which I missed:

You have to take the hit to make the play. That goal started before the mess in the crease (which maybe should have been blown dead, sure). Sometimes you just have to be the guy on the wrong end of a hit and do the right thing with the puck.

Here’s a quick look at the goal we’re talking about, followed by a brief explanation.

Here, the Leafs win the draw. Mike Komisarek is the d-man who’s going to go back and grab it.

He heads back on it.

He sees that, suprisingly, someone is going to be forechecking him.

Rather than go play the puck and take the contact, Komisarek essentially bails out, and opts for the early hit (because being the hitter is more fun than being the hitted).

But Foligno actually wants the puck, so he wisely avoids the meaningless confrontation, goes around Komisarek (who upon trying to hit nothing, has fallen), and gets the puck.

And just like that, the puck is taken to the Leafs crease, and the Sabres score.

The whistle should have gone. The scrum was comical. It was a hilarious moment. But plays like this happen a lot when your team is eliminated from playoffs. You have to take the hit to make the play. Think about the Stanley Cup champion Bruins – those dudes took hits to make plays last year.

Ah, but at least Komisarek caught up with Foligno and came out on top.

Oh wait, no he didn’t.

Getting hit hurts. But not as much as avoiding hits hurts your team.