Dave Kennedy is both a filmmaker and a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. The latter sounds like the more difficult of the two jobs.

Halfway through this 2011-2012 season, the Leafs were in a playoff position and it looked like they had the team to stay there for the remainder of the season. We know where they are now (for those of you that don’t: NOT a playoff team).

Well, Kennedy used his talents to put together a year-long recap of the season that was for the Leafs. The rise, the hold-on phase, and the free-fall. It’s pretty awesome.

For more on the video, check out Wysh’s post over at Puck Daddy.

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  1. Does Joe Bowen not know that the Leafs and Bruins are in the same division?

  2. I blame Burke entirely for the freefall after the all star break. Added zero depth to the team at the deadline which really hurt them after Lupul went down. Should have brought in a veteran goaltender to back up Reimer. And really need to pick up a shut down defender to compliment Phaneuf. If you ask me Burke has to go. The Kessel deal is the only plus for Burke since he’s been with the leafs. Oh and for some idiotic reason he had Wilson behind the bench to start the year. He should have been done after previous year. Leafs need a Rick Nash caliber player to compliment Kessel and Lupul if they want to have any success next year. So Burky boy you better sharpen your pencil or a permanent vacation is on the horizon for you big guy. To many years of disappointment for such a storied franchise

  3. Easy… I wouldn’t call the Leafs a “storied franchise”…

  4. i would say being second in overall cup wins makes you a storied franchise whether you like it or not. And since all their greatness was pre 70′s they can only be a storied franchise. Aside from that great vid that should be extended and shown to leaf players and brass alike.

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