Today may have been the first podcast to date where Pizzo and I agreed roughly zero times.

If I may defend myself, Rob’s becoming a bit of a bleeding heart in his old age.

We discussed:

* John Tortorella had a little fit about the Orpik hit, which included calling the Pens organization arrogant, and Crosby/Malkin “whiny ****ing stars”

* Ryan Clowe stopped a Kings rush from the bench

* Should have a link to video of the refs blown call (Clowe) on their site?

* The Florida Panthers, whom everyone is pooping on today, clinched a playoff berth (I tried to defend them)

* LA and San Jose clinched – who wins the Pacific?

* And much more.

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  1. No beerability?

    How about a playoff-team beerability special?

  2. Bourne, you’re totally right about the frustration/jealousy transfering into hate for the Penguins, it’s tedious having to listen to everybody play the “well, 2-3 people all said it, it has to be kinda true” card. Like it’s SO far out of the realm of possibility that several people will all say the same thing and still be wrong. We had to listen to this crap last year about the Canucks too: boy, if Mark Recchi AND Dave Bolland AND a couple of Flames ALL say the Canucks are jerks, it MUST be true, right? The Penguins are kicking ass right now, they’re playing physical, they have the two best players in the league on their first PP unit, and they’re getting a ton of attention. Cue the whiners.
    Pizzo, I’m with you on the Panthers. That team is gonna get bounced hard in the first round.

  3. As far as the Clowe issue, and i’ll cop to being an LA fan, the game’s importance and the specific play aside, what Clowe did is some of the lowest shit i’ve ever seen in hockey. As Justin mentioned, he wouldn’t even do this in rec league… why? Because this is total pussy shit. I don’t even care about it’s effects on the outcome of the game. The Kings played themselves out of a win. It’s that Clowe had the audacity to pull something like this. People are all over the media calling guys gutless and teams classes and punks and all that, and something like this gets blown off like its nothing. I’ll admit, theres something funny about watching a guy on the bench play the puck, but when you take even one extra second to think about the implications of what he did, i’m surprised more people aren’t up in arms about it. It’s showing a complete lack of respect for the other team and the game itself.

    If this had happened to a star on a bigger team with more media support, during a game with more importance, people would be losing their shit. I bet if this happened in the stanley cup finals, you’d see people actually care. He played the puck… FROM THE BENCH!! Theres a reason this has never been seen before. Because everyone else before Clowe, no matter how dirty they’ve proven to be, or how whiny they appear, have demonstrated the basic level of sportsmanship that all hockey players afford the other team. When you aren’t on the ice, you don’t get involved. It’s like… nobody ever even says, “oh by the way, dont try and play the puck from the bench” because you know why? It’s fucking obvious.

    • “When you aren’t on the ice, you don’t get involved. It’s like… nobody ever even says, “oh by the way, dont try and play the puck from the bench” because you know why? It’s fucking obvious.” EXACTLY. This is a given. He went there – specifically, to someplace really stupid and inappropriate. He also had the gall to laugh about it and mock it on Twitter with his teammates. And he had the full support of his dimwitted captain, who also thought it was freaking hilarious.

      Instead of recruiting and trading for large, oafish players, Doug Wilson needs to prioritize acquiring players with integrity and hockey smarts. Maybe when they’re justifiably eliminated in the first round (the FIRST round this time, instead of the second round or the conference finals), he’ll take this project to heart.

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