Why so serious?

The issue of skates getting up has been garnering some attention of late. Obviously it’s one of those scary things that happens in hockey that leaves players pretty much defenseless. We can legislate high sticks and elbows staying down but pucks and skates are part of the happenstance of the game. If you can escape without injury, you’re a lucky duck.

Just ask Brandon Dubinsky.

In today’s Calgary-Anaheim game, former Calgary cannon-fodder (read: Edmonton Oiler) Andrew Cogliano had a scary moment when he was clipped in the face by Mark Giordano’s skate. There was controversy to this play as the Flames had a goal called back after the whistle went, but I have no problem with that. It’s part of the official’s job to ensure that players are safe and Flames fans who think it’s unfair that a goal was called back because a player sustained a facial injury need to suck it up. If it was a Clint Malarchuk or Bryan Berard situation that goal would seem even less important than it realistically was in the first place. That’s why whistles get blown.

Giordano was called for high sticking on the play. THAT is unfair and an argument for why penalties ought to be reviewable by replay. Speaking of which, here’s the video…

Cogliano was OK as far as I know, though feel free to correct me if there has been an update that slipped past me.

A little ironic that this injury came after Cogliano became one of six Ducks to play in all 82 games this season.